Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Being a family ...

Hey have you heard the news? Gosh! Where have you been? The news is all over the place. I'm going on vacation! Wow! That's a first! I've been working so hard these past 15 years that I haven't had a decent vacation. Isn't that great? It should be, but you see, my problem now is where should I go? This feeling is strange. I have not been to places outside of work. That's pathetic. Should I go on a cruise? or go to Disneyland? or tour Europe or visit Asia? I didn't realize vacation can be tiring too and I haven't even spent a day of it. So now, I need to spend time to plan that day. It's dreadful. But hey, I need a life too. I've heard that so many times and now I'm beginning to believe it. Oh well... too much rambling. Better get back to work.


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